ChatBo Anpassungen an die DSGVO

At the moment, many users are unsure what the use of chatbots will mean in connection with the new GDPR from May 25, 2018.

I would like to briefly explain the most important key points here.

1: Deletion of data : Every ChatBot, even if it is not activated via its own website, but directly via the fan page, must contain an unsubscribe button that not only unsubscribes the user from the bot, but also offers to save all of the data stored by the user Clear. Facebook is responsible for deleting the data on Facebook, but the data that must be stored by the respective chatbot provider can be completely deleted if desired.

ChatBo has a standard and unchangeable unsubscribe button in the main menu of the bot, which, when activated, causes all stored data to be deleted from the server and informs the user that all of the data stored by us has been deleted.

2: Addition in the data protection declaration . If you use a chatbot, it is necessary to add a passage in your data protection declaration that describes the use of the data in detail.

ChatBo will shortly send its users the legally compliant passage, which you can add to your privacy policy to be on the safe side.

3: Order data processing
It is also necessary to conclude a written contract for order data processing with the provider. Both contractual partners need a copy with the original signatures.

Important!  Personal data may only be stored on European servers.

ChatBo is currently preparing the contracts for order data processing, which you can conclude with ChatBo. Our users will be notified of this by email as soon as the contracts are approved by our lawyer.

4: 2 click solution. The GDPR prohibits data being transferred to third-party providers without the knowledge of the user. Even loading a Facebook share button, as it is available on 99% of all websites, is no longer permitted from May 25th, because data is already transferred to Facebook when the button is loaded.

ChatBo is currently in the process of implementing the 2-click solution on all of its conversion tools, such as customer chat, button, widget, slide-in, Poup, etc.

5: A link to the imprint and the data protection declaration must be available in the chatbot, even if the chatbot is activated directly via the fan page.

In its main menu, ChatBo offers the option of including your imprint and your privacy policy as a fixed component.

6: Registration of new ChatBo users. Interesting for our affiliate partners.

ChatBo also offers legal security for its affiliate partners because we have also reorganized the registration of new users and obtain both the consent to the sending of newsletters and the consent that user data is stored by third parties, such as Facebook, BEFORE the data is stored, or BEFORE the Facebook Connect button is clicked.

7: ChatBo is a German company.

ChatBo is operated by the German ProXpert GmbH and all data is stored on servers within the EU.

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